Harborside Interactive

Harborside Interactive is a division of Harborside Press. Led by Frank Buchner, Harborside’s Chief Technology Officer, Harborside Interactive is a developer of digital solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech, manufacturing industries, as well as medical media companies. With Harborside’s wealth of experience in the medical communications field, along with its excellent relationships with some of the most important clinicians and organizations in oncology, Harborside Interactive is uniquely positioned to understand the relationship between clients and their intended audience.

Harborside Interactive has experience in Web development, mobile application production, content management systems, relational database administration, and clinician- and patient-targeted communications, closed-loop marketing, online CE/CME, virtual meeting and convention solutions, mobile- and PC-based gaming, social network based strategies, and analytics, as well as working with internal and external regulatory requirements.

Announcing Harborside Interactive’s New Sync3 Technology,  recent winner of best 10×10 booth award at the 2012 Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association conference.

For more information about Harborside Interactive, please contact Frank Buchner (frank@harborsidepress.com) or Anthony Cutrone (anthony@harborsidepress.com).